About Us

We are a dedicated collective of educators, designers, and technologists, united by our passion for merging innovation and learning.

Rooted in the fusion of technology and education, we are passionate innovators dedicated to crafting bespoke eLearning experiences. With a diverse portfolio spanning various industries, we tailor each course to meet the unique needs and objectives of our clients, ensuring an engaging and impactful learning experience.

With a proven track record across multiple industries, we tailor our eLearning solutions to meet the distinct needs of each client, fostering engaging and impactful learning experiences.


We believe in the power of personalized learning; we are committed to designing eLearning experiences that are as unique as your learners!

Passion Driven Experts to design elearning solutions
Tailored elearning design solutions
Design engaging learning experiences to captivate learner's attention
Client Centric Design approach

Our Working Process

At Eldapt Instructure, we follow a streamlined working process to ensure that every eLearning project we undertake is a resounding success. 

Discovery Need Assessment with Eldapt consultation
Develop customization strategies to align your goals and needs
Elearning design & Development to bring your elearning vision to life
Ensure elearning module working flawlessly and free of bugs
Elearning implementation to your system
Monitor elearning progress and evaluate the engagement
Transparent communication approaches

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Join us in revolutionizing learning and development, one customized module at a time.